Concrete & Masonry Sealers

Joint Stabilizer and Paver Sealers

Water Reducible Sealers utilizing a hybrid Polymer designed to seal Concrete, Concrete Pavers, and various other porous substrates found in masonry projects.  Features “blush” resistance when exposed to water/moisture. Resistant to mild acids, alkali, water, ultraviolet light. Excellent durability, yielding a tough, hard finish. This unique product eliminates efflorescence and inhibits the growth of algae, mold, and bacteria. Safe and easy to apply, non-flammable. Excellent flow and self-leveling properties. Available in two grades: Regular Duty Gloss and Heavy Duty with U.V. and Mar Resistance Gloss.

Paver Sealer, Wet Look / Water Based

A “Green” biodegradable, environmentally friendly product enhancing the natural appearance of treated surfaces. Hi Gloss (“Wet Look”), suitable for interior and exterior use yielding excellent water repellency and surface protection. Can be used on concrete, tile, slate, brick and terra cotta surfaces. Comprised of 75% renewable resources, with VOC less than 75 g/L.

Natural Stone Treatment, Water Repellent (Water Based)

Non film forming, silicate based deep penetrating sealer/repellent, chemically bonds to the substrate. Can be used on all commercial and residential applications to treat concrete blocks, grout, mortar, stucco, rock, clay products, brick, floor tiles.

Natural Stone Treatment, Water Repellent (Solvent Based)

Non film forming, organic blend formulated to penetrate and provide water repellency by chemically reacting with the substrate. Treated substrates are hydrophobic and retain their original appearance. Can be used on both neutral and alkaline substrates.
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