Zone Marking, Traffic, and Parking Lot Striping Paint

Standard Paints offers several formulations of parking lot striping (zone marking, traffic) paint to balance price, performance, and environmental requirements.  Unlike many of our competitors who use leftover "re-work" paint as filler, all our striping/marking products use quality, high-performing and long-lasting raw materials formulated for the specific task of coating asphalt and concrete and surviving the daily wear and tear of vehicles and weather.  

Volume Discounts:

  • 12% Off for 25 Gallons
  • 22% Off for 75 Gallons
  • 30% Off for 120 Gallons
  • 35% Off for 240 Gallons+


All of our solvent-based Zone Marking Paints meet or exceed Federal specifications TT-P-115E and TT-P-85. Latex Based meet and/or exceed TT-P-1952B Federal Specifications. All Zone Marking Paints meet Federal VOC requirements. Refer to Product Data Sheets and MSDS for detailed information.

Available Colors

White, Lead-Free Yellow, Lead-Free Red, Handy Cap Blue, and Black.

S/B Premium Acrylic

A 100% Acrylic zone marking paint formulated with the highest quality Acrylic Polymers. In addition to the conventional formulation, an exempt solvents formulation is available to meet 150 grams/liter VOC regulations where necessary. Has a very fast cure, allowing vehicle traffic within minutes of application. Highest quality for exceptional adhesion and durability as well as UV resistance. Excellent adhesion to new concrete (properly cured and cleaned). 
** Service span of 3-5 years under normal traffic conditions.

High Traffic / Track Free

Polymeric-Acrylic Hybrid for everyday striping, offering exceptional adhesion and durability. Fast-drying properties allow for vehicle traffic within a short time of application. Unique resistance to dirt and tracking, maintaining a “clean appearance”. 
** Service Span of 2-3 years, normal traffic conditions.


Alkyd-Chlorinated Rubber Zone Marking Paints at an economical grade. High build, high solids material for traditional everyday striping. Offered in two versions, Regular Brite-Stripe (75% solids by weight) and Brite-Stripe II (70% solids by weight).
** Service span of 1-2 years, normal traffic conditions. 


A special Acrylic Polymer specifically formulated for parking garages, offering high gloss and dirt-free and track-free properties. Offered in a “Brilliant Yellow” for high visibility. 
** Service span of 3-5 years, normal traffic conditions.

Fast Dry Acrylic Latex

A quick-drying waterborne Acrylic Latex formulated for extended durability. Use on concrete, asphalt, seal coat and airport runways.
** Service span of 1-2 years, normal conditions.

2K Epoxy

A Polyamide Epoxy formulated for the ultimate adhesion and rugged durability in sealed floor warehouse applications. Mixes at a 1:1 ratio with a four hour pot life. Designed to adhere to difficult surfaces, such as sealed floors, and to endure heavy fork lift traffic. Offered in White, Yellow and Brilliant Yellow, and Clear. Applying the Clear Epoxy over pigmented colors will repel the heaviest black tire tracking/discoloration, and offers the ultimate protection.

Super-Add Adhesion Promoter

A adhesion promoter to ensure superior adhesion to dense sealed surfaces. Typically, adding one pint per five gallons of paint will promote adhesion.

** Note: Service span is relative to substrate conditions, film thickness, and application. Low film thickness and poor substrate conditions will lead to shorter life, whereas ideal conditions will lead to extended life in relation to volume of traffic.  Estimates are based on a combination of lab-testing and multiple years of real-world use in parking lots around the country.