Transparent Deck Stain

Contractor-grade commercial wood stains and sealers, Wood Defender™ products have been designed to increase your productivity, saving you both time and money. 

Our deep-penetrating, modified-oil formula ensures superior results every time in just one application with no back brushing. Our stains wipe off most metal, glass, and non-porous surfaces; therefore, cleanup is much less time consuming. For a streak-free professional finish on your next job, choose Wood Defender™ stains. Since 1960, contractors have trusted Standard Paints for VOC compliant and environmentally friendly products.

Transparent Deck Stain

  • Maintains new wood look with transparent color while still revealing all wood grain and texture
  • Transoxide pigments
  • Formulated specifically for decks and other horizontal exterior wood
  • Silicone enhanced for crucial water repellancy on horizontal surfaces
  • Blend of natural oils to preserve wood
  • 2-year warranty  
Standard Paints exterior WOOD DEFENDER™ Deck Stain is a high solids penetrating oil base transparent non-wiping stain. It applies quickly and easily to achieve a uniform stained effect. WOOD DEFENDER™ will protect exposed natural wood from the harsh effects of weather.


Of the thousands of decks built on an annual basis, the vast majority go unprotected against the environment. Due to the difficulty associated with applying competitor’s deck stains, consumers unfortunately watch their investment gray over time and ultimately deteriorate. This problem has been solved with the Wood Defender line of stains. With the ease of application, cleanup, maintenance and longevity Wood Defender Deck Stain has become the contractor’s choice for deck care!

Wood Defender Deck Stains are designed specifically for application on decks. Most competitors’ products are universal, being used for both fences and decks. A universal product commonly lacks specific criteria for its intended purpose.

Wood Defender stains help to beautify outdoor decks, playground equipment, and contact type structures. The unique formula highlights and reveals all of the existing wood grain. The formula works to seal out the harsh effects of the environment. The average life of Wood Defender stains on a properly treated project is 2-3 years.

Easy Application

Wood Defender Deck Stains are designed for easy application. When the surface is completely saturated the deck stain will soak into an even appearance. Some back brushing or rolling may be necessary on horizontal surfaces where boards are severely cupped. When applied at the recommended rate, lap marks and runs are rarely visible. The product is easily cleaned up within the first few hours of application.

Easy Re-coats

Wood Defender stains allow for tremendously easy recoats. Due to the penetrating nature of the product, there will be an absence of a "film" formed across the surface of the wood. This characteristic eliminates the need for caustic strippers or high pressure power washing before a re-coat.

Deck Maintenance Programs

By providing a product that is easy to apply and re-coat, Wood Defender applicators have the opportunity to establish a "Deck Maintenance" program with their clientele. Our customers consistently sell a "Deck Maintenance" program with return visits expected two years form each application date. When re-applying Wood Defender stains, prep work should consist only of a light pressure wash to remove dirt and other contaminants. Its possible deck bleach may be needed to remove any mildew and to bring the deck back to a neutral color prior to the application of the Wood Defender Deck Stains.

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  • Transparent Deck Stain
  • Transparent Deck Stain
  • Transparent Deck Stain